Garmin Express Helps Update the Software and Maps on Garmin Devices

Garmin GPS devices are very popular with the athletes. You can find young athletes running in the parks every day in the morning, wearing  Garmin GPS devices on their arms. Using a GPS enabled device makes it much easier to track down your running or biking activities. But Garmin is not only for athletes and sportspersons. They also come pre-installed in many cars and other vehicles. I also use a Garmin GPS device nüvi 2360 LT in my car for all my driving directions.

If you want to have accurate GPS maps or driving directions, then the software and the maps database inside the device should be kept up-to-date. Garmin has made it much easier to update the firmware software, maps and other things on your Garmin GPS devices using the Garmin Express software for Windows and Mac.

Garmin Express

The Garmin Express software asks you to connect your devices through a USB cable, ANT stick or directly into the USB port – depending on the type of the connection provides by these devices. Once the devices are recognized by Garmin Express, it fetches all the possible updates available for that device from the internet.

Garmin Express

If an update is found for your device, then you can simply choose to download that update and install it on your device. However, you must back up the older data from your device before you apply the update. In the case of the newer version of the software not working properly, you would have an option to restore the older working version from backups stored by the Garmin Express software.

Garmin Express

Garmin Express is one stop solution for managing all of your Garmin devices. It can be used to backup/restore, update maps, upload activities to Garmin connect and change the device settings from the comfort of your desktop PC.

You can download Garmin Express software from