Disable and Deactivate Adobe Primetime CDM in Firefox

Many websites use DRM (digital rights management) technology to provide you with licensed digital video content. In Mozilla Firefox this is made possible through the use of an Adobe plugin called Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module (or CDM in short). This is useful only if you frequently access sites that provide protected content for you to watch, otherwise it just takes up memory and makes the Firefox a little slower to load. So if you do not access those paid-to-watch video streaming sites, then you can disable and deactivate the Primetime CDM and make Firefox a tad faster.

Here is how you can quickly disable Primetime CDM in Firefox:

  1. Type about:addons in Mozilla Firefox address bar and press Enter. This will open the Firefox Add-ons Manager screen. You can also access this by clicking on the three-layer hamburger menu icon and selecting Add-ons from there.
  2. Switch to the Plugins section on the Add-ons Manager screen.Disable Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module
  3. Click on the Options button located next to the Primetime Content Decryption Module.
  4. In the options for the Adobe Primetime CDM, switch the Automatic Updates to Off state and then click on the drop-down menu and select Never Activate.Disable Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module

After this, the Adobe Primetime content decryption module shall be disabled and will not be updated anymore. This will not really make any difference for the regular media streaming or sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion as the HTML5 video and Adobe Flash Player (if you have that installed) can handle all the video decoding. But if you find some problem when trying to watch videos or listening to audio in Firefox, then you can simply reverse the steps in the above instructions. Reversing the steps will make Firefox to download the updated version of Adobe Primetime CDM once again and then you will be able to access protected media without any problems.