Manage Web Browser Plugins Easily Through CCleaner

These days people keep more than one web browsers installed on their computers. The Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge browsers come pre-installed in Windows. And then there are much better alternatives like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera available online. It can be said that an average Windows user has at least three web browsers installed. With so many web browsers installed, it becomes a tad harder to manage all the plugins and extensions installed in all of them. Fortunately the new version of the popular CCleaner application offers to manage the browser plugins and extensions for all the installed web browsers from a single place.

CCleaner is known to be the one of the best utilities for cleaning the cache, junk, cookies, history and other data from the installed web browsers. But starting from the version 5.14, it is now also able to manage all the plugins and extensions for all of your web browsers from a single place. It covers all the popular web browsers (supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera).

After updating your existing installed copy of CCleaner or installing a new fresh copy of the CCleaner, you have to switch to the Tools and then the Browser Plugins section. Here you can see different tabs for all the different web browsers displaying all the installed extensions and plugins for each of them. You can select one or more of these plugins and choose to enable them, disable them or remove them from the browser.

CCleaner Browser Plugins

Not all the plugins can be removed, especially the ones installed by other third-party software, but you can definitely disable even them. There is also an option to save the list of all the installed plugins to a text file which could be helpful for some troubleshooting reasons.

Using the CCleaner, now you can disable or remove the plugins or extensions installed by third party software. As all these plugins/extensions are loaded every time you start the web browser, you can reduce the browser startup time and the memory consumption by disabling or removing some of these unnecessary plugins.