DMDE : File & Partition Recovery Software for Windows

When it comes to file and data recovery software, most of us immediately think of programs like Recuva. Although Recuva is a very efficient data recovery software, it excels only in file and folder based recovery. If you are trying to recover volumes and partitions from a disk, then you have to look for a much more advanced software like DMDE (DM Disk Editor). The free software not only proves itself to be an advanced data recovery software but it also acts as a data searching and editing tool. It is able to recover directory structures and files even in the most complicated cases.

You start by selecting a device or disk in DMDE. It offers to open the disks in a variety of ways – by accessing their partitions (volumes) or by directly accessing the physical drives. You can also open disk images and sectors using this tool.

DM Disk Editor

Once a disk or device is open, you can perform a scan on it for possible files, folders and other data. Depending on what you aim to look for, you can choose to perform a raw disk scan or scan for the partitions. Once the scanning is finished, you will have in front of you all of the disk’s contents, including the possibly lost files or folders. You can choose to reconstruct the file system which recovers the damaged directory structure even in complex data damage operations like repartitioning or formatting. You can also recover individual files that were lost through accidental file delete operations.

DM Disk Editor

DMDE uses special algorithms that can recover files even in the complex file system damages like when the computer shuts down while you are partitioning the disk or the disk gets formatted and all the data is lost. It even supports disk cloning to create sector-by-sector images of the disk and to write them back to the disks.

Conclusion: DMDE is an advanced data recovery software that supports almost all the popular file-systems and can be run from DOS, Linux and Windows.

You can download the DMDE software from