WindowTangler : Hide or Show Various Windows for Productivity or Privacy

A computer screen has only so much space available for you to work with. And if you are anything like me, then you would find it very hard to make space for all the open windows on your Windows desktop screen. Some people find the solution for this problem by adding one or two alternative screens to keep their applications windows in manageable conditions. But not everyone can afford to buy two-three extra computer screens or even afford to have space to accommodate these extra computer monitors on their tables. If you want to maximize the computer screen usage without attaching a few extra monitors, then you can use the free WinodwTangler software.

WindowTangler can help you hide or show various open windows to increase your workday productivity. You can also use it to hide windows containing sensitive or private information that you do not want others to see. In the WindowTangler interface, you can see a list of all the visible windows and choose to hide them all or hide only the selected ones.


A list of all the hidden windows is displayed under the “Hidden Windows” tab. Here you can choose to make the selected windows visible or make them all visible. For the convenience of use, you can group the windows into various groups like web browsers, graphing programs, word processors, media players and more. The benefit of putting windows in these categories is that you can hide or show all the windows under a category in just one click. This is certainly faster than hiding or showing some particular open windows one by one.

Moreover, you do not have to open the WindowTangler interface every time you have to show or hide any open window. You can assign hotkeys to perform these functions. For example, you can choose to assign a hotkey to hide all the web browser windows.

WindowTangler can be very useful for privacy conscious people who work in crowded environments so that they can quickly hide a window or a group of open windows just by using a few clicks or through the use of a hotkey.

You can download WindowTangler from