Do You Talk in Your Sleep? Find Out with the Sleep Talk Recorder App

If you think that you are a sound sleeper and do not make any noises during the sleep, then perhaps you will be surprised to see what the Sleep Talk Recorder app finds out. This app is meant for the Android based phones and can automatically record any sounds made when you are sleeping in your comfortable bed. It can record your snoring, your talking, your screaming and even the embarrassing sounds of your bodily functions (e.g., flatulence) during the sleep. All the sounds are recorded using only your smartphone and you do not need any extra equipment like a microphone etc.

Sleep Talk Recorder app begins by calibrating your microphone for the lowest and highest possible levels of sounds it can record. After this, you can go into the settings screen of the app and change the sound sensitivity and the filter for the low-level sounds. This filter is great as you can easily avoid the unimportant, low-level sounds originating from the turning over in the bed or from the bed sheets etc.

Sleep Talk Recorder

Now when you are about to go to sleep, open the app, switch to the microphone section and touch the Activate button. The app will go to work right away. While you are enjoying the beautiful dreams, the app will be watching out for any sounds that you make. If you have a phone with smaller battery capacity, then you might want to plug-in the phone charger and charge it to 100% level before going to sleep.

In the morning, you can deactivate the app and switch to the recordings section (marked with a small triangular play button) and see what it has recorded. It shows all the recordings along with the time when they were recorded. Some of the recordings could be very funny, some might even surprise you, but you might also find some unexplainable sounds too.

Sleep Talk Recorder

So if you are interested in finding out what goes on in your bedroom while you are fast asleep, then you can make use of the free Sleep Talk Recorder app. It can record when you make strange sounds in the bed.

You can get the Sleep Talk Recorder app from


  1. The recording I made has a lock icon on top and when I try to play a screen indicates “could not get price, are you signed into google play?” And the recording does not play anymore….

    1. In the new version, only first 2 hours are free. For longer recordings, you have to pay. I think you are getting the message for payment.

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