Manage Dual Monitor Setup with Dual Monitor Tools

These days many bloggers, web designers and writers prefer to use a dual monitor setup for their PC so that can comfortably research about a topic on one monitor while writing about it on the second. This is rapidly becoming very popular among the people who have to spend a long time in front of their computers. One reason for this could be that the computer monitors are now larger and cheaper than even before. No matter what the reason is if you are also having a dual monitor setup for your Windows PC, then perhaps you would want to manage it using a free software suite called Dual Monitor Tools.

Dual Monitor Tools is a collection of useful tools that could make your life easy with multiple monitors. You can create hotkeys for moving windows around, restrict mouse or cursor movement between screens, launch application on specific screens, choose wallpapers for the different screens, temporarily disable secondary screens and also take the screenshots on all the connected monitors.

Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools come in the form of a single portable executable file. When you run this executable file, it places a new icon in the system tray area of Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to change the wallpapers or take the screenshots on various monitors. You can also double-click on this icon to open the preferences window for Dual Monitor Tools.

Dual Monitor Tools

In the preferences window, you can choose to make it auto-start with Windows, select the cursor related options, create hotkeys, change snapshot options, and choose the wallpaper settings. There is a swap screen feature which allows you to quickly swap screens and open windows from one screen to another.

Conclusion: Dual Monitor Tools is a set of tools that can prove to be very productive and useful when you are working on a multiple monitor setup in a Windows PC.

You can download Dual Monitor Tools from