Dr. Web Katana : Protection Against 0-Day Threats

I first came to know about katana (a Japanese sword often carried by the Samurai) when watching the movie series Kill Bill starring Uma Thurman. Now Russian antivirus vendor Dr. Web has come up with a katana of its own, but it is not a sword. Dr. Web’s Katana is a software to protect your Windows PC against 0-day threats, latest active threats, targetted attacks, and other exploits. This software works alongside your other security software and protects from malicious programs designed to bypass detection from tradition heuristic and signature-based malware protection. According to Dr. Web Katana is short for Kill active threats and new attacks

Dr. Web Katana is not free, but you can try it out for 30 days free of cost. Once installed, it stays in connection with the Dr. Web cloud to provide you continuous connection. However, the cloud protection is optional – it will protect you even if you choose not to enable the cloud-based protection.

It places a notification area in the system tray area from where you can easily enable or disable the protection or update the software. From here you can also open the Dr. Web Katana settings and change the few options there are about the protection levels.

Dr. Web Katana

You can choose the protection mode from optimal, medium and paranoid. You can also choose the exploit prevention mode from allowing unauthorized code, preventing unauthorized code and the interactive mode. The unauthorized code is usually the malicious code injected inside other applications without permission. For example, the code injected in Adobe PDF Reader when you open a maliciously designed PDF file. Dr. Web will prevent all such malicious code even if you are using a vulnerable version of the software.

Dr. Web Katana

When it detects something suspicious, it either blocks it or asks you for confirmation. It can even automatically block the suspicious activity if the Dr. Web cloud suggests that the process is malicious. You can customize what it should do in these situations from the options.

Dr. Web Katana

Conclusion: Dr. Web Katana adds another layer of defense to your PC security. It can successfully detect and block threats that are yet unknown and for which the standard antivirus solutions might not be enough.

You can get Dr. Web Katana from https://download.drweb.com/katana.