FreeMyBrowser Provides Unlimited VPN Proxy for Firefox

These days people want to become anonymous on the internet for a myriad of reasons – avoiding getting tracked by websites, accessing sites that are blocked by the state, and many more. One of the ways to become anonymous is by hiding your IP address on the internet or rather masking your real IP address using a proxy server. If you want to hide your IP address for any reason then perhaps using a VPN proxy server is your best bet. And if you are a Firefox user then you have many free VPN server options like FreeMyBrowser among others.

FreeMyBrowser is a VPN proxy service that is available to Firefox users via a browser extension. After installing the browser extension, you have to register using your email address. As soon as the registration is complete, the extension becomes active and connects you through a randomly selected VPN server.

You can always click on the FreeMyBrowser icon in the Firefox toolbar to view the VPN status and to change the VPN proxy from a list of half a dozen servers. There are many locations available using the VPN servers – Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom.

FreeMyBrowser VPN Proxy

In the settings for the FreeMyBrowser extension, you can choose the default country and if you enable the expert mode, then you can also choose a specific VPN server location for a particular website. For example, you can choose the default VPN server from Germany, but using expert mode can set it to use the VPN server from United Kingdom every time you visit BBC website.

FreeMyBrowser VPN Proxy

Even though this extension provides you basic VPN features like IP address hiding and encrypted connection, you should know that it is not a full VPN server service. It tunnels the sites through proxy server that you open in Firefox only and even then some special like Adobe Flash Player can bypass the VPN connection and expose your real IP address to the websites.

You can download the FreeMyBrowser extension for Firefox from