AudioGrail : Toolbox for Your Music Collection

Everyone has a few songs that they keep with them everywhere they go. These songs carry some special meaning for us and remind of us some beautiful memories that we had when we were a little younger – the song that was being played when you found your soul-mate, the song you danced to in your junior high-school prom, the wedding song that you danced to with your father and so on. It could be a Christmas carol, a rock song, a romantic duet, a country song, a theme song from a movie you adore so much or it could be a patriotic song that makes you stand up and salute to the glorious flag of your nation.

No matter how many favorite songs you have and how many different ways they tantalize you, you can always organize and manage them using a free tool called AudioGrail. It is yet another freeware from KC Softwares and offers you a mixed set of tools to work with your music collection.


To start working with AudioGrail software you have to add your media files to this tool. You can just drag-n-drop all of your files or folders containing audio files. It supports all the major audio files formats MP3, OGG, AAC, FLAC and many more.

Once the music collection is added to AudioGrail, you can operate on it using various tools given on the right-side in the application. You can edit their ID3 tags, identify songs/albums, analyze the music files for quality, create a playlist, find duplicate files, burn them to CD/DVD, remove or clean the tags, and create a list of your music collection.

If you have only a few music files then perhaps using AudioGrail is not going to help you. But if you have a large music collection then you can sort through it and manage it easily using the AudioGrail.

You can download AudioGrail from