Greenify Prolongs Battery Life in Android Smartphones

If your smartphone came with a battery of around 2000 mAh capacity, then perhaps you suffer from the woes of your battery running out of charge over and over again. Some people, I have seen, made a habit of not forgetting to carry the travel charger with them when stepping out of their houses. While you can easily charge the battery as many times as you want in a day, it would be much more productive to extend the battery life of a single charge-discharge cycle by reducing the battery usage in the first place. For the Android smartphones, this can be easily accomplished through the Greenify app.

The Greenify app for Android reduces the power consumption and consequently increases the battery life by minimizing the number of apps and processes running in the background. It can work both with rooted and the un-rooted phones. But as you can guess, it can perform at a much advanced level when you have a rooted phone. It is not a task killer and does not terminate the apps. But instead, it hibernates the apps and puts them in a mode where they cannot consume much processing power and thus extends the battery life.


You can tap on the “zzZ..” snooze icon to make it automatically hibernate all the apps running in the background. You can also choose to analyze your system and then decide which of the individual apps you would like to hibernate.

There are different settings for the non-rooted and rooted phones. For the non-rooted phones, you can choose the automatic hibernation settings while for the rooted phones, there is an extra option to choose an alternative screen off mode.


Conclusion: Greenify can save the battery usage, extend the battery life, minimize the power consumed in charging the battery and thus helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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