How to Clone DVD or Bluray Disks in Windows

Almost all of us make a video or hire a professional to make a video of some of the most precious moments in our lives – birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, high school proms and so on. Once these professional videographers send you a set of DVD or Bluray disks, everyone in your family soon demands that they also need a copy. Although you can just ask the videography services provider to make more copies for you, but that usually means extra charge. Why pay extra for something that takes only 10 minutes of your time and can be done using almost any computer in your home?

All you need is a computer having a DVD/Bluray writer disk drive, some blank DVD/Bluray disks and 10 minutes of your time. Here is how you can clone DVD/Bluray disks in any Windows PC:

  1. Download ImgBurn and install it in your Windows PC.
  2. Insert the DVD/Bluray disk that you want to clone in the optical disk drive of your PC.
  3. Launch ImgBurn from its desktop shortcut and click on Create image file from disc.Clone DVD/Bluray in Windows
  4. ImgBurn will automatically choose a location for the ISO image. Note down the destination of this ISO image and then click on the “disk to file” icon.Clone DVD/Bluray in Windows
  5. Wait or the ISO file to be created on your disk. When it is done, close ImgBurn, remove the DVD/Bluray from your PC and insert a blank DVD/Bluray disk in its place.
  6. Launch ImgBurn once again and click on Write image file to disc.Clone DVD/Bluray in Windows
  7. For the source, choose the ISO image file that you have earlier created (in step 4). Click on the file to “disk icon” for the disk burning to begin.Clone DVD/Bluray in Windows
  8. When the disk burning is finished, you have a copy or cloned disk of the original DVD/Bluray disk. As long as you have the ISO image file on your hard disk, you can create as many clones as you want at any time you please using the steps 6-7 above.

So if you want to keep a copy of that wedding ceremony DVD/Bluray disk of your sister, you can easily do that and all will be done in around 10 minutes only.