How to Repeat Your Favorite Music Video on Youtube

Sometimes we love a song so much that we want to listen it over and over again. If you want to listen to a song on your phone or PC then it is very easy with the media player apps as all of them come with a “Repeat One” or “Repeat All” option that you can toggle to repeat the current song or all the songs in the play list. But now you can enjoy the same “repeat” feature in Youtube for looping your favorite music videos or any other kind of videos.

The new looping feature is available only for the HTML5 video player for Youtube, so you should make sure that you have not disable HTML5 video in your web browser. If you have previously disabled HTML5, then you might have to reset or refresh your web browser settings and only then you can then proceed.

Youtube Looping Videos

After visiting Youtube, try to open any video and then right-click on the video when it starts to play. If you see some information like “About Adobe Flash Player” in the right-click menu, then your web browser is not using the HTML5 video but instead it is using Adobe Flash Player. The Youtube looping feature will not work in this case.

However, if you right-click on a video when it has started to play and you see “About the HTML5 player” in the right-click menu, then you are all set to use the looping feature. Now you can simply select Loop from the right-click menu and Youtube will loop this video forever.

Youtube Looping Videos

This feature of looping or repeating a video on Youtube is currently available only for the desktop version of web browsers. If you are using Youtube on Android or iPhone, then you will have to wait for this new feature.