Accupedo App Helps You Walk with a Purpose

When the doctor told my uncle to stop leading a sedentary lifestyle and join a gym, he looked at the physician in disbelief and said, “But I go for a morning walk everyday, doctor. This is what my father used to do and before that his father. Really, I think this is more than enough exercise for a man.” The doctor later explained to him that picking up the newspaper from in front of the door cannot really be considered a morning walk. To make his point, the doctor told my uncle to install an app called Accupedo in his smartphone that measures the footsteps and gives an estimate of the calories burned. And we finally managed to coerce him to take longer walks everyday.

Accupedo is a pedometer app that counts the number of footsteps you take as you walk or run. You can install it in your Android smart phone and configure it by entering a few personal details like gender, age etc. Then all you have to do is keep the phone in your pocket or strap it your arm while you step outside for a walk or run. At the end of the day, you can see the number of footsteps you took and how far you walked. You can see all the statistics of your walking or running in form of charts or lists.

Accupedo Pedometer App

In the settings of the Accupedo app you can customize it to suit your needs and personalize it to make it more accurate. You can set the number of calories you want to burn everyday by walking or running so that it can notify you when you have reached your goal. You can set it to automatically stop counting the steps in a particular time range (for example, during the lunch hour or when you are inside your home) or when the phone is connected to the phone charger.

Accupedo Pedometer App

If you are trying to burn calories and stay fit by walking or running everyday, then Accupedo can really be useful to achieve your daily goals. The Accupedo app is available both for the iPhone and the Android based smart phones.

You can get the Accupedo app for Android or iPhone from