Keep Eyes Healthy with Eye Care for Chrome

Computers are everywhere and there seems to be no escape from them. Whether you are a student trying to study for exam’s or you are a business person trying to get ahead at your work, you are forced to stare into the computer screen for long hours. The more time you spent looking into the computer screen, the sooner you start to have eye-sight problems. And it does not stop there – if you keep working non-stop in front of your computer screen then you may also develop early symptoms of stress and depression. If you have to work for long hours in front of your computer screen, then you should take regular breaks, close your eyes and breathe some fresh air.

But when you are working hard on some office report or some other mundane office task, it is easy to forget the count of time. However, if you are a Google Chrome user then you can use the Eye Care app to make sure that you get eye-rest at regular intervals.

Eye Care for Chrome

In the Eye Care app, you can choose from presets of work and rest time durations, for example, 5 minutes work followed by a minute of rest. If you do not find any of these presets suitable for yourself, then you can also customize the work and rest time durations to your choice. Clicking on the Start button will start the work cycle and when it stops, you would be alerted to take some rest.

Eye Care for Chrome

If you choose (and you should choose) to take some rest by clicking on the button Take a break, then it blanks the screen for the time duration you had set for taking rest. In this period, you can close your eyes or walk outside and look at the green trees – whatever reduces the strain in your eyes. If possible, you can also wash the eyes with some cold water. This cycle keeps repeating, again and again, giving your eyes ample rest in a work day.

You can get the Eye Care app for Chrome from