AMP WinOFF Schedules Windows for Shutdown or Reboot

There are many reasons and situations that demand that you schedule your PC for a shutdown or a reboot. For example, I schedule my PC for shutdown after 2 hours when downloading large files from the internet late at night. I don’t want to sit and wait for the downloads to complete. Instead I schedule the PC to shutdown automatically after an estimated time of 2-3 hours and go to bed. Similarly, when you are trying to fix the USB devices related problems you may have to schedule PC to reboot after 5-10 minutes as explained in one of our previous articles – Fixing USB Mass Storage Device Problems in Windows 10.

No matter what the reason is, the freeware AMP WinOFF can help you schedule your Windows PC for automatically shut it down, reboot it, hibernate it, logout and so on. The AMP WinOFF interface looks overwhelmingly complex at first, but soon it becomes easy to follow.

You have to choose one of the shutdown actions for your PC – shutdown (power off), reboot, logout, hibernate, sleep, administrative shutdown etc. Then you have to choose one of the trigger events for the shutdown – date/time (triggers at specified date and time), time interval (triggers after a specified duration of time), user activity (triggers after no user input for some time), CPU load (triggers when CPU load goes time for some time), network transfer rate (triggers when transfer rate criteria is met) etc.


Once you have specified the trigger event and the shutdown type, you can click on the Activate button to schedule the shutdown based on your preferences. It keeps displaying the information about the scheduled event near the notification area of Windows desktop. And you can cancel the scheduled shutdown anytime you want by right-clicking on the notification area icon and selecting to Deactivate the event.


AMP WinOFF covers all the possible automatic shutdown situations for any Windows PC. You can use it to automatically shutdown your PC one or two times occasionally as need, or regularly everyday as the need arises.

You can download AMP WinOFF from