Flush for Android Helps Find Public Restrooms Quickly

There is hardly someone who has not run into the emergency of finding any public toilets and very quickly. In those urgent times, you may not have enough time to ask people for directions or go through search engine’s results. It is always a hit or miss situation, if you wait for too long, then you might end up in a very uncomfortable situation. With a very short duration of time in your hand, you have to think quickly and make the most efficient use of every second. Fortunately if you have an Android phone, then you can use the Flush app to find the nearest public restroom location in a matter of seconds.

Flush Android App

Flush app is not very different from any of the map apps. In fact, it makes extensive use of the Google maps. In the Flush app, you can tap on the cross-hair graphic to open your current location in the map. When the map is loaded, it will display all the public restrooms in that area. You can tap on the restroom icons to find the address and more information about them. For example, it shows whether the restrooms have facilities for the disabled persons, whether the toilets are coin operated (you have to pay to use the facilities), or whether they are locked and you have to ask for the keys from the caretaker or manager of the place.

Flush Android App

So if you are going out for a fun time on Saturday night, driving your car to your office, going for a morning walk, or just walking around with your buddies, you can really find this Flush app useful when the necessity arises. The app was designed by a British person to find public restrooms in UK originally, but now it works all over the globe.

You can get the Flush app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=toilet.samruston.com.toilet.