AW IP Locator : IP Geolocation Tool for Windows

Just as you would find the house of a person through its street address, the online devices like mobile phones and computers are found through their IP addresses. Each device that goes online (connects to the internet) is allotted a unique IP address for that session. Because the IP addresses are usually assigned through the internet service providers or the hosting service providers, you can easily find out the geographic location of a device based on its IP address. For example, if a device has an IP address belonging to the range of IP addresses of Verizon customers in the New York city area, then perhaps that device is located in the New York city.

The free Atelier Web IP Locator tool works on this very principle. This program can lookup the possible location of a device having a certain IP address using a database that connects the IP address ranges to online service providers and their geographic locations.

Atelier Web IP Locator

After installing the IP Locator program in your Windows PC, you have to copy-paste the IP addresses separated by newlines in the space provided for them. You can also type the IP addresses manually one in each line. After this, you have to click on the Search button and it will look up more information about them instantly. It shows the country, city, region, ISP and the IP ranges that each of the IP addresses belongs to.

The program can be used for free for the private use. You can query the information about a total of 200 IP addresses after which another 200 queries shall be allotted to you provided that you use the program sparingly. If you plan to use the program frequently, then perhaps you might want to buy a license for it.

You can get the Atelier Web IP Locator tool from