Record & Hide Sound with Sony Audio Recorder for Android

There is some or other kind of sound recorder app included or comes pre-installed in every smartphone. But almost all of these apps are very basic in functionality – you tap the record button and they record the sound coming from the microphone into a 3GP file. If you want more features and more control on how you record the sound, then you can try the Sony Audio Recorder app for Android. This app can not only record the sound in a variety of quality levels, but it can also hide the recorded sound files from the eyes of everyone else.

Sony Audio Recorder app opens up with a pretty straightforward interface where you can choose the sound quality and the recording mode (stereo or mono). You can choose the sound quality from superior, high, medium and basic based on your needs. For example, if you are recording a college lecture in the classroom or hall then the high quality would be perfect. On the other hand, for your own voice recordings the basic quality is enough. But if you have a large capacity SD card, then you can record everything with the highest possible quality.

Sony Audio Recorder

The recording itself can be done in steps with the pausing option in between. This is a great feature if you are recording an interview or meeting and some interruptions are taking place every now and then. You can see the recorded sound files under the Recordings tab on the same screen where it is recording the sound.

Sony Audio Recorder

Sony Audio Recorder also comes with a feature that makes it of interest to the music lovers who do not want to listen to the voice recordings on their phones. Using this feature you can hide the recorded sound files from all other apps capable of playing audio files. You can make the device memory private or public.

Sony Audio Recorder

You can get the Sony Audio Recorder from

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  1. I can’t find the recorded files. They are hidden from me also? Why? This bug makes this app worse than useless.
    I will need to record the playback with another device to be able to have file access, to convert the wav to mp3? Really? Thus, the super simple GUI makes it HARD to work with. Garbage design.

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