Gamminator : Change the Screen Gamma Value Easily

When you are working with publishing or image editing software, you have to make sure that the colors and brightness for the images on the screen are true to their real values in the image file. To make sure that each and every pixel is displayed correctly on your screen, you can calibrate the gamma value for your screen. The gamma value is a way of correcting the non-linear relationship between the pixel’s brightness value as it is stored in an image file and as it is translated into the electrical signal used to light up the pixel on the screen.

You can use the open-source Gamminator utility to quickly change the gamma value for your screen. The utility allows you to control the gamma value even when you are watching videos or playing full-screen videos with the help of the hotkeys that you can configure yourself.

Gamminator places an icon in the system tray area of the Windows taskbar. You can double-click on this icon and open the small window that allows you to instantly change the gamma value of your screen. The default value is selected as 1.0 and you can change this value to anything between the possible value for your screen.


You can click on the Calibration button to find the gamma range for your screen, click on the Hotkey button to assign hotkeys for changing the gamma value and click on the Restore button to change the gamma to the default value.

Gamminator is a small tool but it could prove to be a very useful and indispensable utility for the people who make a living by editing images or videos and creating animations. PC gamers will also enjoy this tool as this allows changing the gamma using the hotkeys even during the game-play.

You can download Gamminator from