Keep Device Drivers Up-to-date with Tweakbit Driver Updater

We have mentioned it many times before on that it is vital for the security of your PC to keep all the software updated to the latest available version. Keeping the operating system, web browsers, email clients and other similar software updated takes care of all the known vulnerability and exploits. Similarly, if you keep the device driver software of your Windows PC updated then it can improve the performance of the hardware as well as make it compatible with the newer versions of the operating system. Many people do not want to search through the internet for the latest device drivers, but you do not have to do so. You can use the Tweakbit Driver Updater to automatically scan and download the latest version of device driver software for you.

Tweakbit Driver Updater installs a system tray icon and keeps monitoring the cloud for newer versions of the device driver software available for your PC and various peripherals connected to it. You can also open the Tweakbit Driver Updater window and choose to scan your PC for obsolete drivers under the Diagnostics section. If it finds some obsolete drivers, then you can choose to download and update the device driver software for one or more of the devices listed in the window.

Tweakbit Driver Updater

Apart from this, you can also backup and restore the device driver software in your PC from the Backup section of the Tweakbit Driver Updater. Here you can create a backup of all the drivers installed in your PC for all different types of hardware. You can later restore these drivers in case of a mess made by the driver update. These backups are saved by default in the Program Data folder but you can change this folder to any other location from the Tweakbit Driver Updater settings.

Tweakbit Driver Updater

Tweakbit Driver Updater is a safe device driver updater and backup software for Windows PC. It handles everything automatically and keeps your device drivers updated.

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