Google Device Assist Shows Tips and Resolves Issues in Android

Every time I talk to the teenagers these days, they immediately start to complain about Android phones that their parents bought for them and how much they wish that they had an iPhone. While the Apple iPhone is certainly one of the best mobile phones out there, those teenagers have no idea how much power an average Android phone holds inside it. They are complaining about Android because they do not know the nuts and bolts of working with Android. For all such people who have been struggling with Android, Google has created a new helpful app called Device Assist.

The Google Device Assist app shows you the ropes – it tells you how to do things, the things that you should do and whether your device is having any issues. It starts by asking you whether you want to know the basics or if you consider yourself an intermediate Android user.

Google Device Assist

It then shows you the tips that could be useful and helpful for carrying out various day to day tasks in the Android. It finds the issues that could impact the performance or the security of your phone, for example, if you are trying to charge the battery by connecting the phone to USB port on your PC, or if you have modified the firmware (rooted it) and so on.

Google Device Assist

If you choose to follow one or more of the tips, it gives you step by step instructions about how a particular task is performed or how an objective is achieved. A few snapshots of the Android screen are also shown that could be helpful for the novice users.

Google Device Assist

Conclusion: All in all, the Google Device Assist is a very helpful app for the beginners to explore and learn about their new Android devices. It can teach your new tricks and warn you about some minor issues that could be affecting the device performance.

You can get the Google Device Assist app from