Protect Your Android Smartphone from Mazar Malware

It is another day when a new malware seems to have made its way into millions of Android devices. This time it is the Mazar malware that is spreading via the old method of embedding malicious links into the text messages. When the victims tap on these malicious links, unbeknownst to their harmful nature, they end up installing many malicious apps that are downloaded over the TOR proxy. Some security researchers have found that this malware checks if the Android device is using the Russian language and then avoids all the devices using the Russian language.

Just like any other malicious app, the Mazar malware can also be avoided easily by following taking a few simple measures in your Android phone:

Install a good antivirus in Android
If you have a good antivirus solution installed in your phone, then it will protect you from malware and will also tell you if there are some vulnerabilities in your mobile phone. For example, ESET Android Security for Android can warn you if you are using a rooted firmware or the apk files can be installed without confirmation.

Android Mazar Malware

Disable installation of apps from unknown sources
The Mazar malware is getting installed when a user taps on the malicious links inside messages. It is making use of a setting enabled by the user that allows installation of apps from unknown sources. You should disable this setting by opening the Android settings, opening Security and then toggling off the setting named Unknown sources.

Android Mazar Malware

Turn off Auto-retrieve message settings
The stock messenger apps like Messenger, Messages etc., can download some of the files automatically for the media rich messages. This is a potential risk if the files are of malicious nature. You can change the messenger app settings from under the MMS section and toggling off the Auto-retrieve setting.

Android Mazar Malware

With these simple measures, you can easily protect yourself from becoming the victim of the Mazar malware.