How to Turn Android Lollipop Screen Monochrome

Many people do not know, but in the early 90’s many of the desktop computers had a monochrome screen. Having a color screen desktop PC used to be a big thing. It is unbelievable, but many institutions like schools and colleges used to buy monochrome screen computers to save some money. The same goes for the mobile phone screens – earlier mobile phones either had an LED digital display or monochrome screen. If you want to have a nostalgic feel of those days when people felt great showing off their monochrome screen mobile phone, then you can turn your latest Android Lollipop screen monochrome. And no we are not talking about changing any hardware, you can turn it monochrome by just tweaking a little setting in Android. Here is how:

  1. First of all you have to enable the developer options in your Android Lollipop. The process is invariably the same in all versions of Android starting from KitKat. You have to open settings, then About phone, and then tap seven times on the Build number.
  2. Once the developer options have become available in your phone, you can access them from the Android settings. You have to turn on the developer options from the top toggle switch before you can make use of any developer options.Android Lollipop Monochrome Mode
  3. In the developer options scroll down, select Simulate color space from under the Hardware accelerated rendering section.
  4. Choose Monochromacy from the list of all the color space options available (there may be many available, depending on the firmware you are using).Android Lollipop Monochrome Mode
  5. Enjoy Android Lollipop in the monochrome mode. It becomes as if your device has the ages old black-and-white or gray scale screen.

When you are done with the experiment and want to switch back to the color mode, just turn off the developer options or disable the color space setting in there.

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  1. I do not have this option! I know where it should be, I’ve checked all developer option, but I simply don’t have it. Meizu m2 note, Android 5.1, newest Flyme.

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