Kaspersky Software Updater Keeps Your PC Up-to-date

Kaspersky Software Updater provides you with a solution to keep all of your software updated in your Windows PC. It can scan your PC for critical updates and it can also check your PC much more thoroughly for any obsolete versions of programs or available updates. By keeping your PC software updated, you prevent any known bugs from being used by malicious programs, get new enhancements in the updated software, and get updated for closed source software that do not come with auto-update feature of their own.

Kaspesky Software Updater

Kasperksy Software Updater asks you if you prefer to perform a full scan of your PC or just a quick scan. The difference between the two is that the quick scan checks only for critical software updates while the former checks for the updates of an extended list of software. You can change these scan settings later on from the program settings.

Kaspesky Software Updater

After an initial scan, Kasperksy Software Updater keeps checking for updates at a scheduled time (by default every day). After the scan, it shows you a report of all the outdated software installed on your PC. You can go through the list of out-of-date programs and choose which ones you want to update. After a selection as been made, you can click on the Update selected button to proceed with the automatic update of those programs.

Kaspesky Software Updater

Verdict: Kasperksy Software Updater is really useful in keeping your PC up-to-date and preventing any ill-effects of using out-of-date programs running in your PC. The utility prompts you only if there are updates available for some installed programs and then it takes only a couple of clicks to update them to the latest versions.

You can download Kasperksy Software Updater from http://free.kaspersky.com/.

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