Microsoft Next Lockscreen for Android Offers Fingerprint Unlocking

Android based smartphones offer a huge variation of customization for the end user. You can basically change everything – keyboards, lock-screen, app launchers and so on. Because of this, the Google Play store is full of third party app launchers, lock-screens, keyboards and so on. Even Microsoft has many such apps available for the Android devices and Microsoft Next Lockscreen is one of them. This lock-screen from Microsoft offers many features for the Android and now they have also added support for fingerprint unlocking in their lockscreen.

The Next lock-screen can now be unlocked using the fingerprint sensor only if your Android device has such hardware feature available. On some devices the fingerprint sensor is available on the home-screen key, while some other phones have it on the back cover. If you have configured your fingerprint sensor in Android, then you can select fingerprint option for the Next lock-screen in the following manner:

  1. First of all install the Next lock-screen in your Android smart phone.
  2. After you have configured everything else in the Next lock-screen (it takes you through various prompts like displaying camera or messages on the lock-screen), open the Next lock-screen settings.
  3. In the settings, choose Screen lock and then select Fingerprint from the list of screen lock types.Microsoft Next Lockscreen
  4. Now try pressing the Power key on the phone to lock the screen. You have to use the fingerprint sensor now to unlock the screen.

While the Next lock-screen includes the option to use the fingerprint sensor for unlocking your Android device, it may not use it with incompatible devices or on the devices without any fingerprint touch sensor.