How to Force Netflix to Stream in HD in Web Browser

Netflix has recently expanded its services to dozens of new countries. Now people in many places all over the world can enjoy Netflix in their mobile devices and personal computers. If you have been struggling to get good quality video streaming in Netflix in your web browser running in your PC, then you can quickly make some changes in the Netflix player to make it stream in HD and much more smoothly too. Here is how:

  1. Open Netflix in your web browser.
  2. Try to watch any movie or TV show in Netflix.
  3. When the movie starts to play, click anywhere on the movie video screen and then press the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S. If you are using a Mac, then you have to press the key combination Ctrl + Option + Shift + S.Netflix Bitrate
  4. It will open the bit-rate options for the audio and video streaming of Netflix. In this window, you have to s elect a higher audio bit-rate (64) as well as higher video bit-rate (3000).
  5. Click on the Override button to set the selected bit-rates.

By changing the video bit-rate to 3000, the HD video streaming is enforced. If you have a slow internet connection, then perhaps you would want to switch back to lower bit-rate. You can select more than one possible bit-rates for video streaming. For example, you can select all the bit-rates of 3000 and above for really high quality HD experience.