RGB Color Wallpaper Brings Solid Color Wallpapers for Android

It is becoming harder and harder everyday to find a suitable wallpaper for the smartphone screen. You go through various wallpaper web sites, search Google for something that would capture your mood, but even after hours of looking around you end up with nothing much exciting. As far as I am concerned, I do not look for the wallpapers anymore. I just use the default wallpapers supplied by the manufacturer on my Android phone. I sometimes also use the plain solid color wallpapers generated by the RGB Color Wallpaper app.

The RGB Color Wallpaper app for the Android devices is basically a virtual palette for you to mix the colors and then use the resulting color to paint the home-screen background of your Android device. The app opens up with three sliders to change the values of three main colors – red, green and blue (RGB). You can experiment with these color values to mix and make a color of your own. You can also choose a color from the menu containing hundreds of standard colors listed alphabetically.

RGB Color Wallpaper for Android

From the menu, you can also choose a random color by using the Shuffle function which is great for getting those surprisingly cool color mixtures. You can copy the color’s hex code and change the brightness level of your phone’s screen to the maximum value from the same menu. If you want to see a preview of a selected color, then you can switch the app into the full-screen mode.

RGB Color Wallpaper for Android

The solid colors look elegant, consume less system resources and to a certain extent help your phone’s battery last a tad bit longer. The solid color wallpapers also take lesser time to load every time you unlock the phone when compared with the large HD wallpapers.

You can get the RGB Color Wallpaper app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tecdrop.rgbwallpaper.