Gramblr Helps Upload Images/Videos to Instagram from PC

Everyone who has a smartphone, whether it is an Android based phone or an iOS based phone,  has used the popular media sharing app Instagram. Instagram used to be available only for the smartphones in the beginning, but in the recent years they have made changes so that it can also be accessed via a web browser in the desktop or notebook computers. But even now you cannot upload images or videos from the desktop web browser, you can only check your Instagram account and like other people’s images. If you want to be able to manage and upload media from your PC to your Instagram account, then the only known working way is to use to the Gramblr application for Windows or Mac.

Before you can use Gramblr you need to create a Gramblr account which can be done from within the Gramblr application itself. You have to supply your email address, choose username/password for Gramblr and also supply the login credentials for your Instagram account. Once this step is completed, you will find yourself inside the Gramblr interface offering you full management of your Instagram account.


Now you can upload images or videos from the Gramblr interface. Just like the Instagram app in your smartphone, the Gramblr program on your PC also allows you to edit the images and apply various filters before you upload the images. If you are not happy with the Gramblr filters, then you can manually edit the image using programs like XnRetro or any other image editor of your choice.


After this you can add the caption, hashtags and upload the picture to your Instagram account. In case you want to upload a video file, then you have to click on the Motion button before you proceed to the final media uploading step.


Gramblr runs as a local web server and you can actually access it from any web browser using the URL as long as the Gramblr binary program is running in the background. The only way to kill this program is to open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), select the Gramblr.exe program and click on the End Task button.

You can download Gramblr from


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