VClip is Portable Screen Recorder for Windows

If you want to record the activities on your Windows PC screen and you search the internet for recording software then the chances are high that you will find some expensive software that costs you an arm and leg. And if you use some of these costly software, you will find them so confusing and overwhelming that you then think of buying a how-to book to start using the software. But you do not have to squander your money on such software. There are easy to use and free of cost software like VClip available.

VClip is a portable software for Windows that can be used to record the screen activities easily at the click of a button. The program launches with a window that you can resize to fit the area that you want to record. In the same window, there is a Rec button clicking on which the recording starts and clicking on it again will stop the recording.


If you want to change the options, then you have to click on the down-arrow near the record button and choose the FPS rate from 15, 25 and 30. The higher is the FPS rate, the larger will be the recorded video file but at the same time it will also be smoother.

Once the recording is complete, you can click on the Save button and save the video file somewhere on your disk. You can also choose the video format type from mp4, webm, ogg, avi or gif. The core of all the video conversion in VClip is the open-source FFMPEG which means that the video conversion is fast and the video quality is very high.

Along with the desktop activities on your screen, VClip also records the audio being played on your PC or the sound waves entering on an attached microphone. This makes it possible to make an instructional video easily using VClip.

You can download VClip from