Night Mode for Android Dims the Screen to Reduce Eye Strain At Night

We all know how fun it is to chat with someone special on your Android smartphone using apps like Skype, Viber or YouNow. Sometimes, you just cannot go to sleep because of this and by the time the chatting comes to a halt, it is already morning. But chatting at night like this using brightly lit devices can cause a lot of strain on your eyes. This can lead to serious eye problems if you do this regularly. To prevent such eye stress, you should use an app like Night Mode that can reduce the overall screen brightness.

The Night Mode app is aptly named Night Mode as it is basically used at night. I personally like to use it after turning off all the other lights in my room as this could cause the strain in the eyes. But with the help of the Night Mode app, the screen brightness can be easily controlled and you can actually set any brightness percentage by moving the slider control to any level.

NIght Mode in Android

The app starts by changing the brightness level to 50% of the full screen brightness. Though you can change the brightness to a very low level, the settings of the app prevent your phone screen from going completely dark (in case you accidentally try to change the brightness level to 0%).

In the app settings, you can toggle the setting for keeping the minimum brightness level for the screen and also for making all the back-lit buttons to become dark. There is also a setting to display the service message in the notification bar of the Android smartphone. You can turn off the service from this notification message later on.

You can get the Night Mode app for Android from