Automatically Restart Firefox When Memory Usage Soars High

No matter how many RAM modules you have stacked up in your computer, the memory will eventually run out if you keep opening one application after another in your Windows PC. Some of these applications require more RAM to operate than others. For example, the Firefox web browser can really use up a lot of system memory if you open a number of rich media web pages in various tabs. This can also lead to system slow down or even hang up if you are not careful and keep opening one tab after another.

The free Memory Restart add-on for Firefox can tackle this memory problem often encountered when using the Firefox web browser. This extension installs a new icon in the browser toolbar which displays the amount of RAM consumed when you hover your mouse cursor over it. If you click on this icon, it will manually restart the browser after a confirmation prompt. This icon also changes color to red or black when the memory usage soars higher than a preset threshold limit.

Memory Restart for Firefox

In the options for the Memory Restart extension you can choose the memory threshold after which the icon changes the color to red or black. You can even change the colors of the icon for the memory state when it is above the threshold and when it is below the threshold. You can also choose the refresh interval from 60 seconds to a longer interval. There is also an option to minimize the memory consumption when the threshold is reached.

Memory Restart for Firefox

Conclusion: Memory Restart extension is ideal if you have to restart the Firefox web browser automatically when the memory consumption starts to soar higher than a preset threshold. It can also automatically minimize the memory consumption in Firefox.

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