Claim Memory from Firefox with the RAMBack Extension

If you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser on a PC running on limited system resources then you may want to cut down on the memory consumption of the Firefox. If you are not careful, the Firefox browser can start claiming a large portion of your system memory. This leaves a little physical memory available for the rest of the programs as well as the operating system’s internal processes. We have posted various methods and the extensions that can help you reclaim the memory used up by Firefox. The RAMBack extension for Firefox is also such an extension that could free up the internal memory used by Firefox.

RAMBack extension works by sending an internal command to the Firefox will and this internal notification results in freeing up some of the memory that is otherwise held by the Firefox processes for enhancing he browser performance.

You can free up this memory from the menubar item added by the RAMBack extension. For this, you have to press the Alt key once to display the menubar in Firefox browser. Then you can select the Tools → Clear Caches from the menubar to free up some of the memory used by the Firefox browser.

RAMBack Firefox

Although, the RAMBack extension does not install the toolbar icon by default (which it should), you can easily add it to the Firefox toolbar using the Firefox customization features. After adding this icon to the toolbar, you would be able to clear the internal Firefox caches easily just by clicking on this button.

Although RAMBack extension for Firefox does not present the users with any GUI interface, it uses some of the internal Firefox functions to free up and minimize the browser’s memory consumption which is good enough for most of the people trying to use the Firefox web browser on their relatively older computer systems.

You can get the RAMBack Firefox extension from