Battery Limiter : Prevent Laptop Batteries from Overcharging

When it comes to the Li-ion batteries in various devices like the mobile phones, tablets or the laptop computers, many people treat them like the automobile gas tank and try to fill them up to the maximum capacity. But unlike the fuel tank of your car, the lithium-ion batteries tend to show signs of aging if you overcharge them more often than needed. The electrolyte inside the batteries could oxidize and produce gases that could bloat up the battery casing like a balloon. The battery could also explode if you forget to disconnect the battery charger in time.

It is considered a safe practice to charge your laptop batteries to only 80-90% level of the maximum capacity in each cycle in order to prevent the damage caused to the battery and make it last longer. But how would you know when the battery has been charged to 90% or 80%? You can know through the freeware Battery Limiter.

Battery Limiter

Battery Limiter can be set to alert you when the battery charge level has reached a certain level, so that you can disconnect the battery charger cable from your laptop. It stays as a notification area icon in your Windows desktop, but you can double-click on it to see the current battery charge status and also change the alert charge limit level through the slider control.

In the settings for the Battery Limiter, you can choose if you want a visual alarm as well as the sound alarm, you can set the custom sound for the alarm and you can choose to keep the Battery Limiter window on the top of every other window (makes it easy to monitor as your laptop battery charges up).

Battery Limiter

Conclusion: Battery Limiter makes it easy for you to avoid over-charging your laptop battery and from causing some serious damage to the battery through the over-charging and consequently from over-heating. It should be used by all  the laptop owners who want to have a long lasting battery.

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