Launch Windows PC Like Apple iPad with Free PaperPlane

Everyone who does not own an Apple device knows the elegant and comfortable interface that these devices provide. I, for one, wish to have the same smooth interface in all of my computers whether they are powered by Apple or not. Fortunately there are some clever developers who have already managed to make it possible. The freeware PaperPlane, for example, can be used to launch Windows desktop using an iPad like interface. It displays all the program icons on the screen with a small space on the top where you can search for any of the apps by typing its name there. This interface works great with touch-enabled screens.

PaperPlane is free and after the installation instantly turns your traditional Windows desktop into an iPad like app launcher. Of course, you can switch back and forth between the PaperPlane launcher and your old Windows desktop. You can go back to Windows desktop by pressing the Esc key or the D key on your keyboard or single-clicking on any empty space inside the PaperPlane launcher. Similarly, you can switch to the PaperPlane launcher by clicking on its notification area icon or simply by double-clicking in any empty space on the desktop.


You can open the PaperPlane setting by right-clicking on its notification area icon. In the settings, you can change the interface layout in terms of the icons size (small, medium or large) or the numbers of the icons per row (seven, five or thirty five). You can also change the hotkey to toggle PaperPlane off/on, the background picture, full-screen mode and various other appearance related options.


PaperPlane also offers something that lacks in the Windows desktop – grouping of shortcut icons. You can group various icons together into a virtual folder. For example, you can group all the shortcuts to launch games together making it easy to find the games whenever you want to play them.

You can download PaperPlane from