Check Your Website for Vulnerabilities with Zerocopter Zero Day Scanner

Recently a new vulnerability called DROWN related to the secure encrypted connections has been discovered. DROWN is not really a vulnerability with any known libraries but rather it has something to do with the mis-configuration of the SSL certificates at the web server.  It is said by the research team that almost one-third of the web servers in the world globally are affected with the DROWN vulnerability. If you own a website, then you should make sure and check if your website is not affected by any of the recently discovered vulnerabilities like DROWN, HeartBleed, Ghost, or Shellshock.

You can check your website for all these above-mentioned vulnerabilities using the Zerocopter Zero Day Scanner tool. In fact, the ZDS (zero day scanner) tool checks the web server on which your site is hosted.

Zerocopter Zero Day Scanner

Using the ZDS tool of Zerocopter is very easy. Just type in your web site’s domain name (e.g., and click on the Scan button. Then wait for about ten minutes as it scans your website. Keep in mind that the this tool is for scanning only the domains that you own or manage. It should not be used for discovering vulnerable domains.

Zerocopter Zero Day Scanner

In around ten minutes, all the scanning results are displayed. My domain ( passed all the four tests and is not shown to be vulnerable (because it does not use the encrypted secure connections). But if your domain does show any of the vulnerabilities then you should immediately contact your web server admin or web hosting providers and ask them for fixing this as soon as possible.

You can visit the Zerocopter Zero Day Scanner tool web page at