Load Images Only on Wi-Fi in Firefox for Android

When you are in the middle of the city, at your home or in the office, you can enjoy the unlimited fast internet through the WiFi networks. But those WiFi networks may not be available in some far off regions and then you have to depend on the expensive 3G or LTE networks. Even though these mobile networks are present everywhere, they may not give you smoother, uninterrupted or fast internet access as a WiFi connection would. To make up for the slow connections or to save the bandwidth of these expensive networks, you can make the Firefox browser in Android load the images only when connected to WiFi networks.

Because images are large in size, they can make you download a lot of data as you browse various content rich web sites. But with the images blocked, you can still read all the text on the web pages without having to download the images. The down side is of course the inability to see what the images were offering.

Here is how you can enable images only when on WiFi networks in Firefox for Android:

  1. Launch Firefox browser in your Android phone, use the menu key on the phone to open the Firefox menu and select Settings from it.Images Settings in Firefox for Android
  2. When the Firefox settings screen shows up, choose Advanced settings option from there.
  3. Select Show image and then you can choose where you want to display images in web pages only when you are using a WiFi network or block them on all types of networks.
  4. Firefox settings are applied instantly, so now you can try visiting some webpages and see if it the new setting is working and more importantly whether you can live without all those images.Images Settings in Firefox for Android

This setting is useful if you are on the expensive data networks and want to make the most of the data pack. But otherwise this setting might make a web site look barren and plain.