Display Scrolling LED Text on Phone Screen with LED Scroller

If you have ever walked by the DowJones building in the New York city, then you would know what a news ticker looks like. A news ticker displays the latest news on or around a building as selected by a news agency such as the New York Times or the USA Today. Because the news headlines are usually longer than the space in a new ticker, it scrolls the headlines along the whole length of the ticker to display all of the text. If you are fascinated with the green or red text scrolling in one of these news tickers using LED lights then you may perhaps like the LED Scroller app for Android.

The LED Scroller app allows you to display a scrolling text on your phone’s screen by emulating the same decades old LED look. You can change the text, the text size, the scrolling speed, the text color, the background color, the scrolling direction and you can even make the text blink.

LED Scroller

A preview of the LED scrolling text is displayed on the top of the screen. When you want to make LED scroll on the full screen you can tap on the Start button. The text starts to scroll on your phone or tablet’s screen as if it is one of those old LED based news ticker screens.

LED Scroller

The scrolling text looks better on a larger screen and if you choose a lighter color for the text as well as a relatively darker background color. It is great for sending messages to each other without having to use any network at all in the old school manner.

You can get the LED Scroller app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=oops.ledscroller.