View All Fonts in One Place with Print My Fonts for Windows

When writing a new letter or other item that I have to print, I usually look for the best and most suitable font for the job. Sometimes it is a very common font like Arial or Georgia, sometimes I have to find a new font over the internet and on other occasions I look for a font that I know for sure that I have installed on my PC – I just cannot recall the name of the font. You can check each and every font to see how it looks but when you have more than five hundred fonts installed, it becomes a very tedious and cumbersome thing to look for the right font.

This is where the free program Print My Fonts can be of great help. This little portable program can display all the installed and not-yet-installed fonts in one place giving you an overview of how each of the font looks like. You can type in a sample word or phrase and see a list of how the each of fonts installed or not-yet-installed will render it if you use the font in your documents.

Print My Fonts

What is more, you can actually export the list in form of image files like BMP, JPEG or PNG. This is useful if you have some font files in a folder and do not want to install them each and every time to see how they would look. You can just export the list belonging to those font files in form of an image file and keep it inside the same folder as the fonts. Next time, you will have to look only at the image file to find out the names and how each font renders the text and then you can use the font you want.

You can download the freeware Print My Fonts from