Emulate Windows 95 Inside Your Web Browser

The operating system that changed the computing world and made Microsoft a leader in the operating systems industry was Windows 95. Released in 1995, it remained a dominant operating system for many years to come. Some people actually waited to upgrade the OS until the newer hardware no longer supported the older Windows 95 operating system. Anyway, if you want to have that feeling of nostalgia by re-living the Windows 95 experience then you can do so through your web browser without having to install anything.

Andrea Faulds, a Scottish computer student and programmer, has created a web page that lets you emulate Windows 95 inside your web browser using an emulator. The emulator has changed Windows 95 into pure JavaScript. This is not same as running a copy of Windows on your hard disk. It is just an emulated version of Windows 95 and comes even with a floppy disk – a storage device that not many people have used for decades.

Windows 95 In Browser

For running Windows 95 in your web browser, you can visit the Windows 95 Emulator website and then click on the Start Windows 95 button. This will download the 47 MB file into your web browser and this may take some time (not only because your internet connection is slow, but also because the web server could have problems). You have to wait for it to start Windows 95 and you will know this when you see the Windows 95 logo. You should not close the browser window in the middle or the next time Windows 95 will be started in the Safe Mode.

Windows 95 in Web Browser

The emulator allows you to switch between the full-screen mode and the windowed mode. You can also resize the canvas and lock the mouse to the canvas. You can run all the basic applications in Windows 95 like Wordpad, Calculator, MS Paint and other things. The version of Windows being emulated is Windows 95 OSR2.

Windows 95 In Browser

Running Windows 95 inside your web browser is a quick way of re-living the memories from the time gone by. But it is not as smooth as running Windows 95 inside Virtual Box for which you have to install Virtual Box and then Windows 95 inside Virtual Box on your computer.

You can visit https://win95.ajf.me/ for the Windows 95 Emulator Website.