NotiBox : Backup Notifications in Android Phone

Apps can display notifications about messages, events and other such things on your Android phone’s lock-screen as well as in the notification bar on the top of the screen. Some of these notifications can be easily accessed from their respective apps while others disappear as soon as you touch and view them. This could be a problem if you were not able to read some of the very important notifications when in a hurry. And since those notifications are gone forever, you can do nothing but vent out your anger by slamming the table with your fist.

This is where the free app NotiBox comes into play. This app can create a backup of all the notifications that ever displayed on your Android phone by various apps. So even if you accidentally remove the notifications without reading them, you can always find a backup copy in the NotiBox.

NotiBox for Android

NotiBox requires special permissions to work with your phone so that it can access the notifications being displayed in your phone. You can give these permissions easily by touching on Enable NotiBox and then checking the options for notification access in Android.

The next step in the configuration that NotiBox asks is that notifications from which of the apps should it cover. It can manage the notifications from all the apps installed on your Android phone. But if you want to keep the backup of notifications displayed by only a few apps then you can choose those apps only.

NotiBox for Android

You can also turn on the Do Not Disturb mode of the NotiBox app so that no notifications are displayed but it keeps saving them all in the backup. Later whenever you want to view the notifications backed up by the NotiBox app, you can launch the app. All the notifications are displayed in a chronological order.

You can get the NotiBox app from