Enjoy Getty Images in Chrome with Getty’s New Tab Extension

Getty Images is well known as a very popular supplier of the stock images since the 90’s. You can pick up any daily newspaper or visit any news web site and often see the credits given under the pictures as “Getty Images”. They boast of having a compilation of over eighty million images – both old and new – on a myriad of topics. Now you can enjoy the Getty Images in your Google Chrome browser with a new extension that replaces the new tab page in the Chrome browser and displays really fascinating images taken from the Getty Images archive.

After the installation of the Getty Images extension in the Google Chrome, when you open a new tab it will automatically show the new Getty Images styled page. The Getty Images tab page shows a search box with Google, Getty and iStock search engines. The latter two search engines are only for searching commercial images from the Getty and iStock servers. It also displays the time and date as well as a thumbnail strip containing randomly selected images from the Getty Images.

Getty Images

You can open a new tab in the usual manner and it will display the new Getty Images tab page. But you can also click on the small Getty icon in the Chrome browser’s toolbar to open a new tab. There is no other purpose of this icon which makes it basically useless, as anybody can open the new tab using the regular method anyways.

Getty Images

You can get the Getty Images new tab extension for Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-tab-by-getty-images/cgkonfdhapldnkgkcfmihjjmedbbdaoc.