Get the Latest Android N Wallpapers for your Android Phone

Yes, Google developers have already been working on a new version of the Android code named Android N. It is surprising for everyone as most of the Android device owners are still waiting for the Android Marshmallow updates to be delivered. Some of the manufacturers are perhaps not even going to release the Android Marshmallow updates. Even Samsung, the largest Android devices manufacturer, released upgrades to Android Marshmallow only a few weeks ago.

If your device is  running on an older version of Android OS and you do not think it is going to get any upgrades to the latest version of Android then you can at least give it a makeover to look like the new version of Android. You do not have to root it or change the system files or anything else that could possibly void the warranty. All you have to do is change the home-screen background for Android device and it will instantly look like new. You can also change the launcher to further upgrade the look and feel of your device but that is outside the scope of this post.

Anyway, you can download the pack of Android N wallpapers for your device from

Android N Wallpaper

The download contains a collection of ten different wallpapers for Android. The purple mountain wallpaper is the default wallpaper for Android N developer preview. But all of these wallpapers are picked exclusively from the developer edition of the Android N ROM released on the XDA forum. You can copy these files on your Android device and use them as the wallpaper or lock-screen.