F-Secure AV Test : Antivirus Testing App for Android

We are all too familiar with the EICAR test file that can be used to test whether your installed antivirus software in Windows is working properly or not. In fact we have posted about EICAR Test Tool before on this site. This is a simple tool that we have created to test the installed antivirus products in Windows using the standard EICAR test file. Now you can also test the antivirus products installed on your Android devices using the same EICAR test file through the F-Secure AV Test app.

Actually the F-Secure AV Test is nothing but the EICAR test file itself. When you install this app in your Android device, your installed antivirus product should perform a scan of the newly installed app and since the F-Secure AV Test is the EICAR test file, it should be immediately detected as a virus (albeit a harmless one).

And this is basically all that this app offers – you install it and it should be flagged as malware. But it makes it very interesting to see how different antivirus products react to this app. Ideally, the apps should show a warning and offer to remove it instantly. But it is even better if the antivirus solutions not only detect and display the warning, but also remove the app automatically.

F-Secure AV Test

If nothing happens in your Android device as soon as you install the F-Secure AV Test app in it, then perhaps you have not configured your installed antivirus product correctly, it is disabled or not working properly. In this case, you should either re-install a newer version of the antivirus solution or try some other product. There are plenty of free and paid antivirus solutions for the Android devices from all the reputed security software companies.

You can get the F-Secure AV Test app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fsecure.eicar.antivirus.test.