Hide IP Address with Hoxx VPN Proxy for All Web Browsers

If you are having trouble accessing a website properly because of some issues related to the local ISP networking routing then a VPN proxy can be of immense use. For example, when the transatlantic undersea cable was broken down and the internet came to a stand still a few months back, I could not access some of the web sites hosted in the European region through the usual route. But I could still access them via a VPN proxy without much trouble or lag. While such VPN proxies usually require you to install special software in your PC, some of the newer proxies use the web browser extension approach to hide your IP address and provide you with basic VPN protection.

The free Hoxx VPN proxy is an extension based proxy for all the popular web browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. It provides you high grade 4096 bit end-to-end encryption so that nobody can eavesdrop on the data being transferred between your PC and the internet.

Hoxx VPN Proxy

After installation of the Hoxx VPN proxy in your web browser, you have to create a new account and verify the email address after which you can start using the proxy. The Hoxx proxy extension offers a large number of languages so it is not difficult to find your way around the extension even if your main language is not English.

Hoxx VPN Proxy

The free version of the Hoxx proxy offers multiple VPN server locations across the globe, e.g., US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and many other countries. In the paid version of the proxy, you are able to access many more premium and private servers too. Once you have selected one of the servers, you can toggle the proxy by clicking on the top on-off flip switch.

Hoxx VPN Proxy

If you want to check whether the proxy is still working then you can try visiting the sites that can tell your IP address like the IPChicken.com or whatismyip.com and see if it is hiding your original IP address properly.

You can get the Hoxx VPN proxy from https://hoxx.com/.


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