How to Convert BAT to EXE Using WinRAR

A batch file in Windows is one of the files having a list of commands that would be executed sequentially one after another if you happen to run that batch file. The batch files usually have the BAT file extension. Even though these are very helpful files, not many people are able to use them properly. For making them a little bit easier to use, you can convert them into the regular EXE files. So if you have created a batch file and want to convert it into an EXE file for the ease of use, then you can do so easily using the WinRAR archiver.

Here is how you can convert any BAT or CMD script into an EXE file using WinRAR:

  1. First step would be to install WinRAR if you have not already done so. Simply visit the WinRAR website, download a fresh copy of WinRAR and install it in your PC.
  2. Right-click on the BAT file and then choose WinRAR option from the context menu to compress it into a RAR or ZIP file.Batch to EXE
  3. Double-click on the newly created RAR or ZIP file to open it in WinRAR. Then click on the SFX icon in the toolbar.Batch to EXE
  4. In the SFX creation window, choose the Windows GUI module from the list and click on the Advanced SFX options button.Batch to EXE
  5. In the options window switch to the Setup tab, and type in the name of the batch file in the text field Run after extraction. For example, if your file is hello.bat, then type hello.bat in this field.
  6. Switch to the Modes tab, select Unpack to temporary folder checkbox and then select Hide all option from the Silent mode section.Batch to EXE
  7. Click on the OK buttons two times to close the open windows and create the EXE. The newly created EXE file is saved in the same folder as the RAR or ZIP file containing the batch file.

If you do not want to use WinRAR for this purpose, you can also use 7-Zip for the same purpose. 7-Zip is open source compared to WinRAR which is a commercial software.