Brava Reader is Free Alternative to Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat was once the only PDF documents reader program available for everyone who wanted to open, view, or print any PDF documents. Every software CD/DVD including the ones that accompanied the popular computer magazines like PC World came with Adobe Acrobat as an essential software for the computer users. Later renamed to Adobe Acrobat Reader, the software is still available for download and use for free, but now many competitors and alternatives have become available. For example, the Brava! Reader is as good as the Adobe Reader when it comes to PDF documents handling, but also includes some other features in addition.

Brava Reader is able to open PDF, XPS, CSF and TIF files. It loads much quicker than the Adobe Reader and shows the thumbnail preview of all the pages inside the opened file. What is more it shows all the embedded media as a list that you can click through to view those images/videos individually. This is great if you are looking forward to view only the images included in a PDF document or if you want to extract the images from a PDF document.

Brava Reader

Brava Reader can also convert PDF documents into the CSF format. The CSF file format is a new format that is much more secure than any other supported document formats. CSF files are persistent rights protected published files created by the free Brava Desktop and Net-It CAD content publishing applications. You can password protect any content selectively using the CSF documents. In order to save any file into the CSF format, you can pull down the File menu and then choose Publish → Publish to CSF. You can also choose the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+K for the same effect.

Conclusion: Brava Reader is a free alternative to the Adobe Reader and comes with many more features including the ability to convert the PDF documents into the highly secure CSF documents.