How to Make Firefox Read Out Web Pages Using Narrate

It is high time to get an annual gym subscription, because Mozilla is planning to make you even more lazy. The newer versions of Mozilla Firefox are going to come with a new feature called Narrate using which you can make Firefox read out the text on web pages at the click of  a button. So now you do not even have to read through the text of a web page. You can just open a web page, make Narrate in Firefox read that page for you while you lay in your comfortable couch munching on a large bag of potato chips.

Here is how you can use Narrate feature in Firefox to read the web pages out aloud:

  1. Launch Firefox browser and open the web page that you want to make Firefox read for you.
  2. Click on the small reader view icon in the address bar to launch the reader view mode.Narrate in Firefox
  3. In the reader view mode, on the left side click on the Narrate button and click on the Play button. It will instantly start to read the text on the current web page using the speech engine installed in your PC.
  4. You can customize the speed of Firefox reading the text as well as change the voice if there are more than one voices installed in your PC.Narrate in Firefox

The narrate feature is available in version 47.0 and later of Mozilla Firefox browser. It does not use any special software or hardware. But if Windows does not have the voices installed for your language then you may have to download the SAPI voices for your desired languages and install them before you can make Firefox read a web page in that language.


  1. How do I have Firefox read web pages aloud on an Android phone. The Reader View button is there, but the Narrate button is not. And I thank Firefox for allowing the Narrate on the desktop. It really helps in reading the news.

  2. This advice only works on pages where Reader View button apperas. What about pages where Firefox does not offer the Reader View button?

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