Kolor Eyes is Multi-Platform 360° Videos Player

So far you had to either use the VR box to watch the 360° videos or use one of the web based video players (like on Youtube) to watch these videos. If you do not have the VR boxes and want to watch the 360° videos offline, then you had no choice until now. But now Kolor has come up with a multi-platform video player called Kolor Eyes that is capable of playing 360° videos on all the popular devices. You can change the rotation 360°, zoom in and out, change the projection, and apply the visual effects in this Kolor Eyes video player.

Kolor Eyes can use many different video plugins to play the video. For example, it can use the VLC media player plugin (which can play all file formats known to exist), Windows media player, Direct Show, and others. After launching the Kolor Eyes video player, you can drag-n-drop any 360° video file on its window and then control the 360° view using the mouse or through your fingers if you have a touchscreen ready device.

Kolor Eyes

On the mobile devices that have gravity acceleration sensor, you can just rotate the device to make it rotate the video around at various angles. Additionally, Kolor Eyes offers seven different filter effects, for example, old television screen, sepia, black and white, inverted and more. If you device hardware supports it, Kolor Eyes can play videos of very high resolution like 4K or 8K. If you want to watch a 3D video, then the Kolor Eyes can display the video in 3D as well (you would need a 3D ready screen for this).

Conclusion: Kolor Eyes allows to watch offline 360° or 3D videos on your devices without requiring any special hardware. But if you have a dedicated GPU, then it will give better performance.

You can download Kolor Eyes from http://www.kolor.com/kolor-eyes/.