RuckZuck is Software Package Manager for Windows

Although Microsoft started something called Microsoft App Store with the release of Windows 8.1 and it is continued to be included in the latest updates of Windows 10, yet this store, which was meant to directly compete with Apple Store and Google Play store, did not come up to the expectations of Windows users. As a result, people are still using third party web sites to download software for their Windows based computers. There are also many software package managers that have sprung up to fill this void. We have previously published many of these software package installers like Ninite, DDownloads, SS Downloader or Milouz Market. And now a new software called RuckZuck joins the already crowded group of software package managers for Windows.

RuckZuck is portable like some of the other mentioned package managers, but it does require .NET 4.5 and Powershell 4.0. You can launch RuckZuck executable and it will display all the software packages available for download. All of the software products are categorized based on their use such as web browsers, security, antivirus etc. You can simply choose the ones you want to install to proceed. Each of the packages are then downloaded off the internet and installed on your PC.


Additionally, you can also use RuckZuck to keep already installed software up-to-date. The process is similar to the installation of any new software. All the installing and updating of the software is done silently without bothering the user with setup installer interfaces. RuckZuck uses command line silent switches to keep the installation automatic and quiet.

Conclusion: RuckZuck offers fully automatic installation of the popular software in Windows. Moreover, it also feature automatic updates of the third party software which could be helpful in improving the system security and saved a lot of headache caused by manual updates.

You can download RuckZuck software manager for Windows from